Sheet Metal Workers & Fabricator's

Established in 1946

Since our formation in 1946, Young & Woods have established itself as a leading provider of high quality, low cost Sheet Metal Solutions to a wide range of industries throughout the UK.

Located on the edge of Harlow in Essex, Young & Woods can offer a complete service from Small Batch work to large volume manufacture of metal component & fabrications.

At Young & Woods, we recognise the need to be customer focused. We have invested the latest metal processing machinery and ensured our work force are top of the class to ensure we can deliver quality products at competitive prices, on time to our customers.

Latest Business investments

We have recently invested in the purchase of “THE WORLDS FASTEST LASER PROFILING MACHINE” The Prima Industrie SYNCRONO. A radically innovative machine for the very fast and accurate cutting of sheet metal parts, even on very complex trajectories.

With acceleration two times higher than benchmark machines (up to 6G) and the ability to cut holes in excess of 1000 per min, The Prima Industrie SYNCRONO has increased our productivity allowing us to reduce the price of our components and lower manufacturing lead-times.

And if that's not enough...

Our Laser also has an auto load/unload capabilities allowing 24 hour un-manned operation increasing our productivity yet again. This increased productivity allows us to reduce the price of our components and lower manufacturing lead-times even more!

Click the image below to see the Syncrono Laser in action

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are key suppliers to leading Automotive - Aerospace - Electronics - Banking & Construction/Shop fitting Businesses. Contact us now by clicking the link below for a competitive price to help YOUR business excel.

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